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Capacitating farmer-partners and stakeholders for an improved rice supply: Rice Science for Decision-Makers

Authors: Philippine Rice Research Institute

Policy Briefers


High-quality seeds (HQS) are pure, full and uniform in size, viable, free from weed seeds and seed-borne pests, germinate well, and produce healthy seedlings. Breeder (BS), foundation (FS), registered (RS), and certified (CS) seeds are the various classes of HQS. Seed producers grow either FS or RS, while farmers are advised to use CS. The adoption of CS is one major factor that contributes to yield increase. This is asserted in the findings of the PhilRice-Bureau of Agricultural Statistics’ Rice-Based Farm Household Surveys (RBFHS).


  • Year Published: 2010
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Pages: 8