RBFHS History (1992-2017)

PhilRice's SSPRD with BAS surveyed rice-farming households in 15 major rice-producing provinces during the wet (1992) and dry season (1993).

2,500 household were interviewed in 30 major rice-producing provinces (1996 WS, 1997 DS). SSPRD developed the survey form while BAS conducted the actual interview.

SSPRD tried to develop the Rice-Based Socioeconomic Information System (RBSEIS) through the Oracle® software but failed due to slow computing technology.

Second survey round (2001 WS, 2002 DS) was conducted by SED, formerly SSPRD. Davao Oriental was added because of its importance to hybrid rice commercialization.

Third survey round was conducted (2006 WS, 2007 DS). The sample size was reduced to 2,000 due to budget constraints.

Fourth survey round was conducted (2011 WS, 2012 DS).

PalayStat system was created and being maintained by SED.

Fifth survey round is currently being conducted (2016 WS, 2017 DS). The sample size is increased to 3,164 and a total of 8 rice-producing provinces are added.

The databases of the study "Statistical series on the rice economy" were included in the PalayStat system.

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